Copper Repiping

Copper Piping is the only way to go when replacing your old rusty galvanize pipes, or if you have a leak under your concrete floor which in most cases will get repaired and another leak will appear later on. Meaning you have to demo your tile floor or hardwood floor to fix the problem. In any case repiping your home in copper is the best solution.

Reasons for Copper Repiping

Galvanized piping is only going to get worse over time not better. There is no substitute, galvanize pipes build up with rust and calcium deposits. When taking a shower and somebody else turns on another faucet or flushes the toilet, you have very little pressure, the volume is cut in half. Copper repiping will take care of all that and more. You’ll get more volume be able to use every fixture in your house plus water your lawn at the same time. Also, it increases the value of your home.

Rick’s Plumbing uses only the best of copper (TYPE L COPPER) its the thicker and heavier of copper pipe all materials are of top quality such as angle stops, ball valves, and flex lines which are all included as standard procedure when Rick’s Plumbing repipes your home, and also provides all patch work such as drywall, stucco, and tile if needed. Our repairs will be as if we never touched your house guaranteed!

We do the best and most thorough job in the industry. We care and take pride in how your home looks and works after we finish a copper repiping job.

We use only copper for all water piping and we do not use any other type of piping. So you can be assured that your house will have 100% copper pipe for all water piping.

If you have any questions or issues with plumbing in your home please feel free to call Rick your friendly fullerton plumber; owner of Rick’s Plumbing at (714)501-3240

Cities Served:

North Orange County

  • Fullerton
  • Brea
  • La Habra
  • Yorba Linda
  • Placentia
  • Orange
  • Anaheim
  • Tustin
  • Diamond Bar
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